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Each Way Sniper Review – Mike Cruikshank

Each Way Sniper Review Update

This Each Way Sniper Review has now been updated. Many will have seen a recent promotion of this system (which first came to my notice in 2015) arrive in their inbox via an email from Agora Lifestyles.

For many, online gambling has now become a way to generate income. There are a multitude of betting systems for sale, all of them promising great returns and easy profits.

This Each Way Sniper review takes a look at this product from Mike Cruikshank that aims to do exactly that…


What is Each Way Sniper?

How does Each Way Sniper Work?

Mike Cruikshank

How long does Each Way Sniper take to set up?

How long does it take to use Each Way Sniper?

How much can you make with Each Way Sniper?

How much does Each Way Sniper cost?

Is Each Way Sniper easy to use?

Each Way Sniper Review Advantages

Each Way Sniper Review Disadvantages

Each Way Sniper Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is Each Way Sniper?

Each Way Sniper was created by Mike Cruickshank in 2015 and is a members only site. Its doors opened again for membership earlier this year, so this is a relaunch of the product with some updated features and a new price.

Each Way Sniper claims to “exploit” a betting loophole allowing you to increase your odds of successfully making a profit. if this sounds like the same story to you, you are not alone. I’m always a bit worried about systems that work based on a ‘loophole’, simply because loopholes can be closed.

Each Way Sniper Review

It is based upon using Betfair to lay off your bookmaker’s bets. Again, this has a familiar ring to it. I’m slightly concerned Each Way Sniper might be a case of ‘same sh*t, different package’.

How does Each Way Sniper Work?

Essentially this is a spreadsheet, calculator, training and software system that analyses upcoming horse races and suggests the most profitable ones on which to place an ‘each-way’ bet.

As you know, an each-way bet is on the horse winning or placing, e.g. 2nd, 3rd 4th. You’ll also know that returns from each-way bets are typically not that great, though the success rate is quite high.

In practice, you place an each way bet with the bookmaker and lay it off on Betfair to lock in a profit. What you are doing here is effectively betting for a win or place at the bookmakers and reversing that via Betfair.

The premise here is that you cannot lose if you get the stakes of your bets correct. The Each Way Sniper system claims to remove the chances of error. It does this by calculating those odds and only identifying races and horses that meet the right criteria.

This might seem an awful lot of work for not a lot of money. But don’t be put off, this is developed by Mike Cruikshank, and he does know his stuff…

A quick word about Mike Cruikshank

Mike Cruikshank is a big name in the UK betting (or at least matched betting) world. Mike Cruickshank created the Bonus Bagging matched betting programme. This has got literally thousands of people into betting systems.

His ‘rags to riches’ story is that he was a minimum wage earner who started betting using free bets. He now offers a range of products using both free and paid bets. These include Accumulator Generator, Bookie Blowout and Profit Maximiser. They are all reviewed elsewhere on this site.

How long does Each Way Sniper take to set up?

Each Way Sniper is a membership site with the training materials in the member’s area. There are 2 hours of video training from Mike Cruickshank showing you how to use the system. Mike is an old hand at this, so the videos are very well done.

One word of warning though. Mke has been doing this for a while, so does tend to take it for granted we already know the meaning of some of the terms he uses.

The training videos cover;

· What an each-way bet is.

· How to work out the bookmaker’s place odds.

· How the number of runners dictates the number of places to be paid out.

· Combining Betfair liabilities.

· How to use odds comparison sites.

· How EWS works.

· How the calculators work.

· Dealing with odds changes.

· Example bets.

A quick glance at the titles above will make you think that this is aimed very firmly at the beginner. If you have a bit more experience, you might think you can skip the first few videos and head straight for the ‘meat’ of the system.

Do this at your peril. This is Mike Cruikshank’s thing. He knows it inside out. Even if you think you know it all already, still watch and listen. The beginning videos aren’t really that long, and by skipping them you might miss a real gem of information from somebody who really knows his stuff.

You’ll also need bookies and a Betfair account to get going and of course, you’ll need a starting bank.

How long does it take to use Each Way Sniper?

This is a difficult one. The amount of time varies greatly because some days, hardly any races will qualify. On other days there will be dozens. As the timing of bets is crucial, this could be a problem.

Each Way Sniper Review Software

There are more opportunities during peak racing times such as the Grand National and Cheltenham festival. You won’t see as many opportunities during ordinary midweek races. This is handy if you work all week, but it does mean there are going to be some fallow periods where you might lose momentum and stop doing it.

How much can you make with Each Way Sniper?

In theory, if used correctly, you can’t lose with this. In practice, you won’t win much either.

Looking through a variety of Each Way Sniper reviews and results, the return on each “snipe” where you succeed in getting a profit varies between £1.50-£5.00. The average monthly profit for users is reported as between £450 and £750. I hate to use the phrase ‘you do the math’ but I’m sure you can work out you’re doing a lot of bets here.

That’s an awful lot of time spent in front of your laptop for not too much money. Realistically you need to near your laptop until all of your laying off is done. If you’re sat there anyway, it might not be too bad. Otherwise, you might be thinking that for the money involved, you might be better off making trainers in China

How much does Each Way Sniper cost?

Each Way Sniper Review Cost

You can get hold of this by first taking the 14-day trial for £1.00. If you haven’t cancelled in those 14 days you pay £118 (including VAT) for an annual membership. 14 days is a good period to have a look around this and see if it’s worth your time and money.

It gives you time to watch all of the training and have a go, even if it’s just paper trading. As the real value here is in the software that helps spot your bets, you can’t pull a fast one by doing the training then canceling.

Another plus is this is all done through Clickbank. So, it’s easy to resolve issues if you can’t get access or need a refund.

Is Each Way Sniper easy to use?

Even though this is aimed at beginners, if you have never used a betting system before then Each Way Sniper may be too difficult to use. Unless you are prepared to research the terminology associated with betting, you will not understand what Each Way Sniper does.

It assumes that you understand the basic concepts of each way betting the dangers of arbitrage and what a “mug bet” is.

So, if you want to make a ‘go’ of this, you probably need to spend a little while reading up on a little background before you start. Otherwise, you could always hit the pause button and Google anything you don’t understand as you go through.

The software compares the odds for all bookmakers and all horses every 30 seconds and then flags any potentially profitable bets. It updates in real-time and has links to the bookmakers and exchange bet slips which takes away the need to toggle between websites, saving you time.

While this is great, it also highlights this is not something you could really do on a mobile. So, while each operation might be quick, you can’t really go too far away from your screen.

Each Way Sniper Review Advantages

That said, this has plenty going for it. If you are an experienced matched better and have a Betfair account this will be easy. Better still, if you understand the potential pitfalls of arbitrage betting then this is a good addition to your betting software. This is also the case if you have the time to monitor the market and jump on opportunities as they arise.

If you have some prior knowledge, the training is fairly comprehensive and will get you going quickly. This puts it ahead of aa good few of its competitors where you need to spend ages learning the ropes.

The investment is reasonable in comparison to some other betting systems but you will need to renew the software in 12 months’ time. Most importantly though, you know that is you use it correctly, this will work.

Each Way Sniper Review Disadvantages

If you don’t have any prior knowledge, however, this falls short in several areas. You could well be buying a system you don’t really understand. You will also struggle with the training videos which, while comprehensive, are very jargon heavy.

This will only give small returns if you can only spend a little time each day, you really need to be sat in front of a screen all day to really make this pay. In fact, it could take up to six months to get a return on your investment if you can only place small bets once or twice a day.

Each Way Sniper Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

Each Way Sniper is a system best suited to those already using betting systems and who are familiar with how odds are calculated.

While you might find it difficult to lose money doing this, if you are new and clumsy, you could get gubbed by a bookie or two. This could affect any other systems you might also be running at the same time.

That’s the point here really. If you’re already using a few systems and are sat in front of a laptop most of the day, this is a good buy. You can do this as the opportunities occur, and add to your monthly profits and justify the yearly fee.

For pretty much everybody else, this is a waste of time and money. You’ll be sat there for hours for low returns and a fair bit of effort. This will not make you rich overnight on its own. If you are looking for something to do that, you need to look elsewhere.

You can find out more here

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    1. Hi Noob, the alerts are a really useful each way sniper feature actually*… what happens is the software is running all the time over the internet and when it spots an opportunity to profit it’ll skreech out a sound at you so you take action ASAP because the prices are moving and you have to move faster than them… otherwise, you get nothing.

      *really useful IF you’ve got your volume up! I didn’t realise they existed for ages because I’ve muted the sound on my computer when testing out each way sniper!

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