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Advanced Cymatic Trader Review

Cymatic Trader Review

This Cymatic Trader Review asks some very simple questions. First the obvious ones like what is it and what does it do? Then we get onto the nitty gritty and ask, is there room for yet another Betfair bot, and what does it give us that the others don’t?


What is Cymatic Trader?

How does Cymatic Trader Work?

How long does Cymatic Trader take to set up?

How long does it take to use Cymatic Trader?

How much can you make with Cymatic Trader?

How much does Cymatic Trader cost?

Is Cymatic Trader easy to use?

Cymatic Trader Advantages

Cymatic Trader Disadvantages

Cymatic Trader Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is Cymatic Trader?

Advanced Cymatic Trader is a software package designed specifically for Betfair customers. It will manage all of your Betfair activity – all you have to do is tell it what to do and let it get on with it. Essentially, it is a betting robot – or bot – built to enhance our betting and trading experience.

Cymatic Trader is the brainchild of Gavin Porter, who founded the UK based company in 2011. Porter comes from a computer science background and has been designing betting and trading software since 2007.

Cymatic Trader Review

Knowing the software has been developed this way and created by someone with such a long pedigree is quite reassuring.

All good so far then… but how does it actually work?

How does Cymatic Trader Work?

I know there is another product called Geeks Toy, but this lives up to the title just as much. This connects to Betfair and does all of the other things that all of its competitors do, but you can tell it’s been created by a computer scientist.

It even connects to Excel to action trades on autopilot. This sounds good but you are left wondering if that might look too complicated for somebody looking at automation for the first time.

How long does Cymatic Trader take to set up?

This is simple to download and set up. This is positive, but this is also true of all of its competitors. There are plenty of video tutorials on the site – all of which are viewable before you but the software.

For me, this is key. You can actually see it all in operation, with the tutorials covering the many functions. It will open your eyes to exactly what is possible with this software.

Watch them before you buy, and you’ll be able to easily decide if this is for you or not.

While it offers the training mode, Cymatic Trader does make the assumption that you know the basics of betting and trading. This is fine because if you don’t know what you’re doing, you shouldn’t be going anywhere near software like this.

The software is compatible with most versions of Windows. There are also software options for running it on Mac and Linux operating systems. There is the possibility of a native Mac version being created in the future, but nothing has been set in concrete. There is no app or mobile version of Cymatic Trader available.

How long does it take to use Cymatic Trader?

If you get it right, no time at all. However, it will take time to get your bot running effectively. With the Excel connectivity, this is just made for tinkering with. So, while in principle you can set and forget, in principle it will be set, come back and tweak things a bit … then tweak again.

Put simply, it might take you a bit longer than you think, but it will be your own fault and not because of the software.

How much can you make with Cymatic Trader?

We’re back to the ‘garbage in – garbage out’ principle here. This will do what you tell it, regardless of how clever or stupid it happens to be.

Yes, there are various features which cover many of the popular gambling tactics. The bottom line is though, that you need some strategies to start off with.

A common issue with software like this is that some people buy it and expect to plug it in and money to fall out. It doesn’t happen like that.

This will do what you tell it 24/7, but you do have to tell it to do something.

How much does Cymatic Trader cost?

This is outrageously cheap. Considering how much extra you can make using one of these tools properly, I’m always surprised at how cheap they all are. I suppose it’s because there aren’t really any strategies included.

There are different subscription options here. They range from annual – £59.99 to monthly – £6.69. There is also a midway option of a six-month subscription costing £35.99. You even get to start with a free trial for 14 days.

Cymatic Trader Review - Pricing

I think that the lengths many of these pieces of software go to, to get you in the door, shows how competitive this market is. It also reflects how little difference there is between the software competing for your money.

Is Cymatic Trader easy to use?

If you are familiar with Betfair’s site, finding your way around this it will not feel too different.

This analyses Betfair’s own information and compiles it. It then presents it in different formats and visuals, to aid your decision on which bets and trades to place.

It has various features including:

· Football odds prediction. calculates odds to present further opportunities if market odds are misaligned

· Multi-Market: gives the ability to trade different markets at the same time

· Stop loss: To limit losses automatically

· Racing autopilot: as the name suggests, automatically proposes each horse and race

· Green up: the same as the ‘Cash-Out’ feature on Betfair

Many of the features are popular tools for the busy gambler. However, they are commonplace on most betting support sites and robots. Advanced Cymatic Trader covers both betting and trading. This makes it more general and less specialist compared to some.

Its most stand-out feature is the ability to link Cymatic Trader with Microsoft Excel.

What this ultimately means is, once set up, Excel and Cymatic can instruct each other to action trades and work on autopilot – forever.

Now, this relies on you firstly being a bit of a whizz in Excel, and already using it. Or, at least planning to use it as part of your trading. It’s a decent feature though, allowing you to effectively grow your trading in a limitless way.

Cymatic has its own forum where users can flag up issues and seek help from one of the company’s programmers. This includes Porter himself, who is seen responding to queries.

They also have a Twitter account as another means of updating users on news or issues. People cannot, however, email privately. Site queries sent this way are rejected. So, if a public forum isn’t your thing, you’re not going to be too happy.

Cymatic Trader Review Advantages

This product covers all of the bases you’d expect from a Betfair bot. The price is good and the training videos are all accessible before you buy, or even take a free trial. This means you can see it in action and see what it is capable of. There is much to recommend this system.

Cymatic Trader Review - Videos

Cymatic Trader Review Disadvantages

On the other side of that big plus, there are several minuses. The first and biggest being that, as Betfair bots go, this is nothing new or different. There is nothing here to make you switch from the bot you are using, as you’d be hard pressed to see much of a change.

It is cheaper, yes. But, with the profits you can make from using bots correctly, the few pounds a month you’d save here is irrelevant.

Cymatic Trader Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

There are a lot of bots on the market. They are all, broadly speaking, about the same price. Some will come with fewer features, some will be easier to use. The only real thing that makes this stand out is a large number of free video tutorials on the site and on YouTube.

You can really use these to get a feel for what this is all about and make a decision about whether this is right for you. There is nothing here to make you switch from your existing bot. But, if you are looking to try bot trading for the first time, this is not a bad place to start. You can find out more here

You can find out more here

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