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Cricket Betting Tipster Review – Bowled over by the profits?

In this Cricket Betting Tipster Review, I’ll be checking out the only cricket tipping service on the Betting Gods website. With a high strike rate and steady profits, why don’t more people follow this cricket tipster?


What is Cricket Betting Tipster?

How does Cricket Betting Tipster Work?

How long does Cricket Betting Tipster take to set up?

How long does it take to use Cricket Betting Tipster?

How much can you make with Cricket Betting Tipster?

How much does Cricket Betting Tipster cost?

Cricket Betting Tipster Review Advantages

Cricket Betting Tipster Review Disadvantages

Cricket Betting Tipster Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is Cricket Betting Tipster?

As with greyhound tipping, there are very few cricket tipsters. There are hundreds of horse racing tipsters and dozens of football tipsters. But, the cricket and the dogs are often overlooked.

Cricket Betting Tipster Review

Given what you can make from following these tipsters, it’s always confused me why there aren’t more of them. More puzzling is why more people don’t follow them, so I’m taking a closer look to find out.

How does Cricket Betting Tipster Work?

You’ll only get 1 or 2 tips a day. This surprised me considering the amount of cricket played around the world these days. These tips will be arriving between 7 and 8.30 am. They usually involve backing one team to win or a certain player to be the man of the match.

The average odds are 8, but with prices static, there is no problem with the tips arriving at that time of the morning. Unless the match is about to start, you can put your bets on after you’ve finished what you were doing.

Cricket Betting Tipster Review Stats

How long does Cricket Betting Tipster take to set up?

You can access this service through the Betting Gods website. And, you’re up and running as soon as you’ve parted with your cash. But, there is one more thing you need to do before you sit back and wait for the first tips to arrive.

You’ll need to make sure you have live and active accounts with Bet365, Betfred, Betway, Boylesports and William Hill. You’re bound to have accounts with these bookies anyway, but you may not have used them for a while.

You could also just do this on Betfair if you wanted, if the markets were available and the liquidity was there. I was a bit disappointed that there was not more money in these markets given the popularity of the sport.

How long does it take to use Cricket Betting Tipster?

This will take you just a minute or so to do, less if you’ve got everything already set up on your phone. You’ll find all the bookies have apps you can install. AAnd even Betting Gods has an app that will get the tips to you faster than the email. Don’t rely on this entirely though, as it’s had its problems.

This is not difficult to do or long-winded but a tipster stands or falls on whether they can make you any money.

How much can you make with Cricket Betting Tipster?

Cricket Betting Tipster Review Results

The profits are massive but they are solid. This has only made £1800 since March 2018 but £75 profit each month for about a minute on your phone isn’t bad value. The win rate is a bit under 40% so there are no long losing runs but this service is having a bad couple of months at the moment.

How much does Cricket Betting Tipster cost?

The lower profits are reflected in the price and £9 a month in fees is among the cheapest I’ve seen. £79 for a year is even better and there’s a £1 7-day trial if you think £9 might be a bit pricey. A service where the yearly subscription is about the same a month’s profit is a good deal in my book.

Should you need it, there is a 30-day guarantee via Clickbank. So, you’ll have no problems cancelling or getting a refund if you need one. The 100pt bank does seem a bit over-cautious. And, unless the current bad run gets much, much worse you won’t need that much at all.

Cricket Betting Tipster Review Prices

Cricket Betting Tipster Advantages

This is quick and easy to do and because the odds don’t usually drop like a stone, you can put these on at a time that suits you. You don’t need to know anything about cricket to do this, except what time the match starts.

On top of that, the monthly fees are really low and won’t take a chunk out of your profits.

Cricket Betting Tipster Disadvantages

This is handy really because if you had to find a fault in this service, it would be that the monthly profits are a bit low. Considering the amount of cricket that gets played around the world, I would have hoped there would be more tips and more profits.

Cricket Betting Tipster Conclusion and Overall Rating

I think that this is why there aren’t more cricket tipsters and followers. Which is a really, because if this service could multiply what it was doing by 3 or 4 times, it would be brilliant.

As it stands though, this is a good little service you should definitely look at, if you’re a bit bored with the same old stuff from other tipsters.

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