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Charlie Mears Racing Review – Each Way Overkill?

In this Charlie Mears Racing review, I’ll be taking a look at this service that concentrates on each way tips with multiples. Since this service began in March 2018, it has posted some big results but I’ll be finding out if you’ll be waiting in vain for this to pay off big?


What is Charlie Mears Racing?

How does Charlie Mears Racing  Work?

How long does Charlie Mears Racing take to set up?

How long does it take to use Charlie Mears Racing?

How much can you make with Charlie Mears Racing?

How much does Charlie Mears Racing cost?

Charlie Mears Racing  Review Advantages

Charlie Mears Racing  Review Disadvantages

Charlie Mears Racing  Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is Charlie Mears Racing?

Let’s get this out of the way first. This service has made quite a lot of money since it launched nearly two years ago. The average profits, as you’ll see are excellent but, I have a worry.

Charlie Mears Racing Review

Services like this, that tip a number of horses each day then combine them all in a multiple tend to work a certain way. The singles win enough for the service to just about break-even or run at a small loss. The profits are made when one of the multiples comes in, and the service will have a reasonably good month.

Occasionally, a lot of the multiples will come in the same month and the profits are massive. This is brilliant if you’re a member at the time but it skews the rest of the results. This means you could sign up for a service like this only to find you’re not really making money for months at a time and I’ll be finding out if that’s what could happen here.

How does Charlie Mears Racing  Work?

As I’ve already mentioned, you’ll be getting 2 or 3 tips most days, with a double or treble combining them as an additional bet. These will arrive between 9 am and 11 am each morning, so you’ll want to get them on quite quickly.

Mostly because some of the odds are a bit mad and bound to move as the race approaches. But, also if the tips arrive at 11 am you could only have an hour to get them on before the racing starts.

You’ll be staking 2 points each time, so on days when there’s a treble, you’re staking a total of 8 points. As these are each way bets, you won’t go too long without a winner. But, with the number of the points staked, this doesn’t mean every day will be profitable.

How long does Charlie Mears Racing take to set up?

You’ll need to go to the Tipster Street website and get yourself signed up before you can start. Then it’s just a couple of clicks and a simple Paypal form so you can part with your cash. Your tips will then arrive each day in the inbox of the email address of your PayPal account. Now it’s just a case of waiting for the tips to arrive.

You should be able to do all of this using your existing bookie accounts, as long as you’ve got more than one. When there’s the chance you’ll have to go elsewhere for odds it’s best to give yourself a few options.

So, you’ll probably want to make sure you have a couple of alternative accounts live and funded. You don’t want to miss out on some decent odds because you were waiting for a password reset email to arrive.

How long does it take to use Charlie Mears Racing?

Provided you don’t have to do that, you’ll be done in a couple of minutes each day. For the sake of convenience, you’ll find it easier (as I did) to get this set up on your phone so you can get this done quickly if you’re away from your computer.

It should go without saying, but for obvious reasons doing this on the exchanges is a bit of a non-starter.

How much can you make with Charlie Mears Racing?

Charlie Mears Racing Results

This was as I suspected, only more extreme. I said above about this type of service having odd results because of a few good months, and it being pretty ordinary most of the time. But, this wasn’t about a few good months or even one good month. The results of this service are all about just one incredible day.

To date, this service has made 1863pts profit, 1236 of them on the 21st November 2018. If you remove that one day from the results, you get 627pts over 24 months, which works out at just over 26pts each month. That’s £260 at £10/pt which is pretty good and as the chances of another day like 21st November happening again are pretty remote, the figure I’ll be using going forward.

How much does Charlie Mears Racing cost?

There’s always a lower-priced offer so you can tip your toe in the water. Here, it £9.95 for the first 30 days. After that, it’s £19.95 each month. These are very low monthly fees and when you take into account the profits (even the adjusted ones) this counts as very good value.

The recommendation of a 300pt bank sounds like a bit much and probably is. You won’t need anything like that and could probably get away with less than half that.

Charlie Mears Racing Price

Charlie Mears Racing Review Advantages

If the prospect of a big winner floats your boat, you’ve got that here. When you tie that into a stream of steady each way results to keep you interested, there’s a lot to like. There’s nothing complicated about doing this and the profits are good in general for what are very reasonable fees.

Charlie Mears Racing Review Disadvantages

It has to be said though, that most of the time this service will be a bit grey and boring. You’ll get day after day of just about breaking even and you could lose interest. This service makes its real money from occasional big winners and they don’t come every day, and that might not be often enough for you.

Charlie Mears Racing Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

I’ve seen services use a few good results to promote their services to be something they’re not. I was afraid that’s what I was going to see here but I was very wrong.

Yes, this service has had one unbelievable result, but even when you subtract that, you’re still left with a very good service. And, if you can stand a few grey days, or even a flat month or two, this service will be very good for you.

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