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CD Racing Review – Is this one to skip?

In this CD Racing review, I’ll be looking at this tipping service that has been on the Tipsters Empire website since the beginning of 2018. Is This focussed, analytical approach to tipping your path to profits or are you better off giving this a miss?


What is CD Racing?

How does CD Racing Work?

How long does CD Racing take to set up?

How long does it take to use CD Racing?

How much can you make with CD Racing?

How much does CD Racing cost?

CD Racing Review Advantages

CD Racing Review Disadvantages

CD Racing Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is CD Racing?

At first glance, this looks really good. A seasoned tipster with years of visiting meetings under his belt. Regular trips to courses like Aintree, Haydock and Chester for practical experience and backed with a rational analytical approach, is normally a recipe for success.

CD Racing Review

Similar services will present you with a few lower-priced results to keep things ticking over and then occasional high priced winners to build the profits. This is fine unless those big winners don’t occur in which case the service plods along at break-even or a small loss. Is that what’s happened here?

How does CD Racing Work?

You’ll be getting between one and four tips each day, roughly a 50/50 split between single win and each way bets. These tips will get to you between 6 pm and 8 pm the evening before the race. This, we all know is a time of volatile prices, so you’ll have to jump on these straight away if you want anything like the advised prices.

Especially with these odds which can be anything between 2/1 and 25/1. You’ll be staking either half, one, or more rarely 2 points each time. This matched the rational approach, but with stakes this low, there need to be aa fair few winners for this service to turn a decent profit.

How long does CD Racing take to set up?

Before you worry about any of that, you’ll need to get signed up on the Tipsters Empire website and part with some cash.

With some of the larger odds advised here, it will be a good idea to give yourself some options. You’ll be better off with four or five bookies accounts rather than one or two, especially if you have to go searching for odds.

So opening a couple more bookies accounts and making sure you know your way around oddschecker would be a good idea before those first tips arrive.

How long does it take to use CD Racing?

Once you’ve got all of those boxes ticked, this should take you less than five minutes. If you’re a bit late on these (or worse, if you leave them to the following morning) you’ll probably need to go searching for odds.

This makes things a bit longer and drawn out, even with oddschecker. It is worth the extra time and effort though as at £10/pt the difference between a winner at 15/1 and 10/1 is quite a bit. In fact, it could be the difference between a profitable month and a losing month.

How much can you make with CD Racing?

CD Racing Review Results

There are plenty of those here. As I mentioned above, a service like this relies on a couple of big winners to tip the balance and if they don’t happen, its break-even or a loss. Worst still, if even those lower-priced winners don’t occur, you’re looking down the barrel of a very bad month.

That has happened a couple of times, most often at the end of 2019. This means some respectable returns have turned into a very poor £89 a month average profit (at £10/pt). While this isn’t a loss, I’m sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t think this is good enough.

You are advised to compound your profits but that won’t put too much more in your pocket, especially when you take fees into account.

How much does CD Racing cost?

You can get a 28 trial of this service for £2.99 so you can test the waters. After that, it’s £34.99 for a month, £87.50 for 3 months, £157 for 6 months or £299 for a year. The subscriptions don’t renew automatically so you don’t end up paying for another month just because you didn’t cancel in time.

Even with compounded profits, these fees will take a chunk out of your profits. At flat stakes, it’s nearly half of your profit gone on fees. You’ll be OK with a 100 point bank though, this service rarely has a big move one way or the other.

CD Racing Review Prices

CD Racing Review Advantages

Like the rest of the Tipster Empire services, this is very easy to use and you can go into things as much as you want. If you just want the tips, fine – just read the text and put your bets on in a few minutes and that’s it for the day.

Alternatively, you can click through, read the comprehensive reasoning behind the tip and get an insight into what is going through the tipster’s mind.

CD Racing Review Disadvantages

With this service though, you do have to wonder what he’s thinking. The profits just aren’t good enough, even if you do manage to get the advised prices the night before. This really is a bit too much hassle for the returns involved, which is a shame. Because on paper, this looks like a good service.

CD Racing Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

I’m always disappointed when a service ticks every box but the most important one. Don’t get me wrong, if you follow this service, you should make a profit over the course of a year.

But, for the costs and effort involved, there are better services to follow. One of them in fact, on the very same website.

For that reason, I cannot recommend this but suggest you invest your time and money elsewhere.

You can find out more here

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