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BotBeetle Review – Betfair Approved but just the same as the others?

BotBeetle Review

In this BotBeetle review, I’ll be looking at this Betfair approved betting software. The biggest question here is, in a marketplace that is already full of similar products (and even has a clear market leader). Is there room for it and can it offer anything new.


What is BotBeetle?

How does BotBeetle Work?

How long does BotBeetle take to set up?

How long does it take to use BotBeetle?

How much can you make with BotBeetle?

How much does BotBeetle cost?

Is BotBeetle easy to use?

BotBeetle Review Advantages

BotBeetle Review Disadvantages

BotBeetle Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is BotBeetle?

Bot Beetle is yet another piece of Betfair trading software. It is put together by a team in Minsk, Belarus and on first impressions seems well put together. Is with all betting software like this, the question is not so much, is it any good – but is it better than Bet Angel?

How does BotBeetle Work?

BotBeetle works the same as all of the other Betfair trading software. It taps into the Betfair API and allows you to view multiple markets and perform some actions automatically. This one is in the minority though, as this is actually approved by Betfair and features in their app gallery.

BotBeetle Review Features

How long does BotBeetle take to set up?

Downloading this is a piece of cake, and installing it woild be easy even without the detailed step by step instructions. The only issue here is that it only works on windows and Mac users will have to look elsewhere.

This only works with Betfair, so obviously you need to have a live and active Betfair account to link it to.

How long does it take to use BotBeetle?

This software is desgned to make your current trading regieme much quicker and easier and it certainly ticks that box. It should be mentioned however that this would be true of nearly every piece of software of this type.

The main advantage we have here is that it is very much aimed at the newbie so it it is very easy to understand and get to grips with. Does this have as much functionality as some of it’s competitors ? No. But then again, it won’t be confusing and overwhelming for somebody who’s never used anything like this before.

How much can you make with BotBeetle?

The purpose of software like this is is to increase your profits by allowing you to trade more often and efficiently. This certainly does that but guess what? – so does all of it’s competitors.

The only edge this might have on any of them is the simplicity of the layout and how easy it is for the newbie to get to grips with this. It’s a simplicity that is also reflected in the price.

How much does BotBeetle cost?

You know some companies explain the cost of their product as ‘less than the price of you daily coffee’ ? Well, this is less than the price of largeish coffee, but for a whole month. You can get started here for $10 for three months, and there’s even a free trial at the beginning.

This, for me, is another indicator of just how crowded this marketplace is. Companies are basically giving their software away to get a foot in the door.

BotBeetle Review Prices

I’m not so sure that this I neccesary here, because you wouldn’t risk a £1000 upward trading income each month for the sake of a quid in monthly subscription payments. You’d pick the one you found easiest to use – and this is very easy to use.

Is BotBeetle easy to use?

The only thing that separates this from the pack is how easy it is to get on with. If you’ve never used trading software before you won’t be scared by this. It’s quite basic and intuitive even if you don’t use the well put together instructions.

There is also a Wiki on the site and a Forum but these are still very much a work in progress.

BotBeetle Review Advantages

This is put together by people that know their stuff, at least when it comes to software. This is simple and easy to use with very few stumbling blocks for those who just want to get on with it.

This is approved by Betfair so you should have very few problems with set-up and linking to the API.

If you are just starting and budget is an issue the cost might be a factor, but the main advantage here is the newbie friendliness of it all. The only reason you would end up looking at this is because you found Bet Angel a bit scary, and this will get you started without too many problems.

BotBeetle Review Disadvantages

While the simplicity is the biggest advantage, the downside is that it is quite limited in functionality compared to it’s competitors. There is nothing at all that BotBeetle does that is not on nearly every other piece of trading software.

This brings me to my main and final point really – given that this market is absoilutely saturated with software like this – does BotBeetle need to exist?

BotBeetle Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

This is a good piece os software. It’s well put together and cheap. It’s easy to download, get started and use.

BotBeetle Review

The problem is that I have reviewed nrealy a dozen of these and I could say the same form them too. I also said in each of those reviews that the softeare was good, but not as good as Bet Angel. Exactly the same applies here too.

As for a final verdict, I’ll say this. If you’ve never used betting software before and the reason is that you’re not very ‘techie’ – this is for you. If you’ve taken a look at Bet Angel and got scared by how complex it looked – this is for you.

However, this is limited. So, while I suggest you get this to get you started, I can almost guarantee that after about 6 months, when trading software isn’t scary anymore,  you’ll feel a bit hemmed in. Then you’ll buy Bet Angel, just like everybody else does.

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