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Bookie Blindspot Review – What can ‘The Insider’ tell us?

In this Bookie Blindspot Review, we discover if ‘The Insider’ can offer us anything new or different. Or, is this just another tipping service from Agora Lifestyles. Let’s find out…


What is Bookie Blindspot?

How does Bookie Blindspot Work?

How long does Bookie Blindspot take to set up?

How long does it take to use Bookie Blindspot?

How much can you make with Bookie Blindspot?

How much does Bookie Blindspot cost?

Is Bookie Blindspot easy to use?

Bookie Blindspot Advantages

Bookie Blindspot Disadvantages

Bookie Blindspot Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is Bookie Blindspot?

Bookie Blindspot is a tipping service from Agora Lifestyles. The service is run by the mysterious ‘Insider’ and claims to make cash from a ‘loophole’ the bookies miss. The story goes that ‘The Insider’ worked this out while he was an odds compiler for a major bookmaker.

A person with ‘insider knowledge’ and ‘bookie loopholes’ … to me this all sounds like the type of story we’ve heard many times before.

How does Bookie Blindspot Work?

I would like to say it was the same old story here too, but there is very little information about the mechanics of how his all works. The most probable reason for this is that you are sent emails with the tips in, and you place the bets.

Bookie Blindspot Review

If however, you think this has anything to do with horse racing, you are mistaken. Bookie Blindspot’s ‘sporting niche that is very hard to price’ for bookies is the golf markets, which will be a refreshing change for some … but put others off.

How long does Bookie Blindspot take to set up?

Getting started with this is very simple, you sign-up, pay, and you’re in. it is at this point you find out it’s actually all about golf and everything here bears more than a passing resemblance to ‘Golf Insider’ by Matthew Walton.

It seems that the original product has received a facelift and a new sales website. Obviously, if you don’t care what the sport is as long as you make a profit, then this is perfectly fine.

How long does it take to use Bookie Blindspot?

The whole process should just take a few minutes. If you’ve never bet on golf before it might take you a minute or two to find the markets, but that’s about it. The beauty of all tipping services is that it really is only a couple of minutes out of your day.

How much can you make with Bookie Blindspot?

Now here’s where it gets both interesting, and a bit murky. The headline boasts that a £10 bet returned £937 and carries on in a tone that implies this happens very often. There is much use of the word ‘potential’ and I’ve never seen ‘could’ used so many times on one page.

Bookie Blindspot Results

This is typical of Agora sales website ‘copy’. And, while this might well be a good product, what you read on the website is likely to give you false expectations. I’m not quite sure why they’ve done it as the historical results don’t look too bad.

It’s not like this is an expensive product either.

How much does Bookie Blindspot cost?

Bookie Blindspot costs £44.60 each month. This is after a fast action discount of £50. I’m not quite sure how fast they want people to act, as this has now been in place for over a year that I know of.

This is another example of the hypey selling involved, which again I’m not sure is necessary. £44 including VAT is a good enough price on its own. I don’t think anybody would believe the original pricetag of £96 (which is even more expensive than Mathematician Betting).

Bookie Blindspot Cost

Also, this product is supposedly limited to 100 members, yet if you click through to the order form, you are told to hurry as there are only 100 places left.

There isn’t a free trial as such, but you can get your money back within the first 30 days.

Is Bookie Blindspot easy to use?

I’ve yet to find a tipping service that is difficult to use, and Bookie Blindspot is no different. The website tells is, in very large letters that 10 bets ended as £1010 profit. However, we can assume that 10 bets every day are every bit as likely as making £1010 profit every day.

Bottom line, using this is not going to disrupt your social life.

Bookie Blindspot Advantages

When it comes down to it, this doesn’t look like too bad a service. The historical returns seem perfectly reasonable, though they are not as spectacular as the website would have you believe. This is easy to get into and easy to do. The cost isn’t too bad either.

Bookie Blindspot Disadvantages

Without sounding too much like somebody who writes in to the BBC, why, oh why, oh why, did they have to try and sell it this way? The website talks this up in a way that will only leave the user disappointed. This is not a bad product, but it has been hyped up to a level it could never achieve.

Also, anyone who may have subscribed to the service before it’s makeover will feel very shortchanged. The way this is sold does leave a funny taste in your mouth.

Bookie Blindspot Conclusion and Overall Rating

There is plenty of good things about this product. It’s a golf tipping service with a steady historical record and the occasional big win. The trouble is, this doesn’t really sound spectacular … so it’s been hyped up.

If you are going into this expecting to get £937 for every £10 you put down, think again. If you want loads of big winners, look elsewhere. This is not any of those things, though you might think it from the website.

This is a handy little service to add to your portfolio, that should give you a profit more often than not. I would question, however, how well it performs compared to other services and how much you might consider it worth your while.

You can visit the Bookie Blindspot website here

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