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Big Hands Racing Review – handfuls of cash?

In this Big Hands Racing review, I’ll be looking at one of the few tipping services on the Sports Betting Stars platform. This platform is the home to premium services like Russell Blair so I’ll be finding out if this service offers the same quality as it’s stablemates?


What is Big Hands Racing?

How does Big Hands Racing Work?

How long does Big Hands Racing take to set up?

How long does it take to use Big Hands Racing?

How much can you make with Big Hands Racing?

How much does Big Hands Racing cost?

Big Hands Racing Review Advantages

Big Hands Racing Review Disadvantages

Big Hands Racing Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is Big Hands Racing?

The only thing unusual about this service is the name. While the is no clue given as to why this service is called ‘Big Hands Racing’ everything else you will have seen before. But, to make it onto the Sports Betting Stars platform it has undergone six months of rigorous proofing so we know it is a quality service. Or, it was when it was launched at least.

Big Hands Racing Review

This was in February 2019 and while I like to leave it a year before looking at a service (so we can see the ups and downs all services experience) I decided to do this now so nobody misses out. At first glance, this looks a very good prospect so I’m taking a closer look before I suggest you get involved.

How does Big Hands Racing Work?

I hope you like the security of placing each way bets because you’ll be getting a lot of them here. There are straight win singles in the 1-4 bets you’ll get each day (making up about 60-80 a month) but they are few and far between.

To make it worthwhile, the odds are usually over 8, so you’ll want to get these on before they move. As the tips arrive between 6-7 pm when the markets are at their most volatile, there’s a very good chance the prices will move so you’ll need to be on the ball.

Big Hands Racing Review Results

You’ll be staking between 0.5 and 2 points each time so there’s not a huge amount of your bank on the line each day. From what I’ve seen so far I’m expecting to see a wobbly set of results going steadily upwards.

How long does Big Hands Racing take to set up?

To get signed up it’s a couple of clicks and a Paypal form for your subscription and you’re in. After that, it’s really just a case of sitting back and waiting for the first tips to arrive. Even if you’re new to tipping (and as long as you’ve placed a bet online before, even if it’s just cashing in on the bonuses) you’ll be good to go very quickly.

You should even be able to do this with your existing bookmaker’s accounts as there’s nothing complicated about placing these bets. You might want to make sure you’ve got access to two or three though, in case you need to go looking for prices.

How long does it take to use Big Hands Racing?

That will be the only drawback involved with placing these. If you’re on these when they arrive and can get them on at something like the advised prices, this is 5 minutes a day. On the other hand, if you have to go looking for prices then it can take you much longer.

If you have the time, it’s worth doing though. I don’t need to tell you what damage getting a winner at 5 instead of 8 a couple of times can do to your monthly profits.

How much can you make with Big Hands Racing?

Big Hands Racing Review Stats

And that’s the difference between this service being good or just ‘OK’. When I see higher odds tipped the evening before, I usually mentally knock a third off of any quoted profits. Because I know the prices will move and not everybody is going to get them.

So, at £10/pt, this works out to be around £200, which is still very good. The wobbles I was expecting to see aren’t as big either, meaning there are just a couple of losing months, with the worst being  -23pts. These are very good results that would tempt you to use more than £10/pt.

How much does Big Hands Racing cost?

The fees won’t eat up too much of the profits either. There is the usual Sports Betting Stars platform 14-day free trial at the start, then it’s £19.99 for a month, £49.99 for a quarter or £179.99 for a year. As I see fees that are 10-15% (or less) of the average profits as good value, that makes this service a bargain.

The 100pt recommended bank looks to be more cautionary than necessary and you could get away with less or use £20/pt instead to increase your profits.

Big Hands Racing Review Prices

Big Hands Racing Advantages

It’s those profits that are the stand out thing about this service. The bets can be easy to place and the fees are very reasonable but the profits and win rates (even if they are smaller wins most of the time) means the occasional hiccup is more likely can be forgiven.

Big Hands Racing Disadvantages

The biggest of those hiccups can be getting these on at the advised prices. We all know that 8/1 at 7 pm can be 5/1 by half-past. There may be some odds chasing across the bookies that will take up more of your evening than you’d want. You could choose to take the lesser odds but you’re going to feel hard done by every time a winner comes in (especially if you’ve upgraded to £20/pt).

Big Hands Racing Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

My gut feeling though is that you’ll get over it as you see a good £200 coming your way each month for a smaller amount of effort. This is one of the better services I’ve seen and although I wouldn’t recommend it to a beginner because of the price movements, the rest of us would do very well with it.

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