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BetBot Pro Review – What makes this automated system different from the rest ?

BetBot Pro Review

In this BetBot Pro Review, I’ll discover whether it is one of the better options when it comes to automating your betting.

After all, there is no shortage of the ways you can make money online to top up your salary. Making a lot of money, on the other hand, is a lot more difficult.

If you make your extra money by betting or sports trading, then automation is the most obvious way to take things up a level.

One of the leading bots in the betting world is BetBot Pro.


What is BetBot Pro?

How does BetBot Pro Work?

How long does BetBot Pro take to set up?

How long does it take to use BetBot Pro?

How much can you make with BetBot Pro?

How much does BetBot Pro cost?

Is BetBot Pro easy to use?

BetBot Pro Advantages

BetBot Pro Disadvantages

BetBot Pro Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is BetBot Pro?

BetBot Pro Review

BetBotPro is a dedicated tool which facilitates automated betting for sporting events.

You use the interface to allow you to navigate around the system. You can set instructions to automatically place bets on a continuous basis, based on the settings that you create.

The system has been fully approved by both Betdaq and Betfair as an API solution. It operates on your own computer and connects with the Betdaq and Betfair servers, fetching the most up to date racing information.

So far, BetBot Pro seems like the real deal.


This works like all other automatic betting software. You can select which types of event that interest you such as football, tennis, horse racing, snooker, cricket or even basketball. Any event on Betfair and Betdaq platforms are available for betting through this solution.

BetBot Pro will only place a bet based on your predefined criteria and odds. If none of the events fit in with your given criteria, the software will simply await the next suitable game or race.

Users can also:

Choose favourites or named selections

Apply staking plans based on personal preference

Deploy specific strategies to tailor your selection process

Use your own systems and techniques to arrive at your selections

BetBotPro aims to put you in full control. You can use fixed level stakes and choose to recover any losses over multiple races. The solution also allows you to set loss and profit levels. When your losses or profits reach a certain level, the bot will stop placing bets.

How long does BetBot Pro take to set up?

Downloading is simple and you are coached theough it using a seires of animated steps showing you what to click and why.

Once installed, you can access the software from any device including your laptop, smartphone or tablet. You can do this at any location where you have access to the internet.

Like all bot software, setting up your criteria for selections and bets can take time. Once these are set though, they should work automatically.

The amount of time it takes to set-up your various selection processes will depend on how many you have. Set-up with BetBot Pro does seem more intuitive than other bot software.

How long does it take to use BetBot Pro?

Once you’re set-up, we are talking more oversight than use. This will chug along for as long as you tell it. This, however, will carry on win or lose, unless you tell it otherwise. It would be adavtageous to set a profit or loss limit for the day to avoid any shocks.

In real terms, 5-15 minutes to set your daily bets up, with the occasional look back to make sure it’s doing what you told it.

How much can you make with BetBot Pro?

This will depend entirely on how effectively you set up your criteria. As with all software, this is ‘garbage in, garbage out’.

So if you’re already effective trader, this will make you a much more effective trader. If you haven’t got a clue, this won’t give you one. It will just amplify what you are already doing.

How much does BetBot Pro cost?

BetBotPro Review Price

Unlike many of its competitors, BetBot Pro is not a monthly subscription. It’s available for (exchange rates permitting) around £50 for a yearly license. A lifetime license is about £77, which does seem the best value.

You can work out which is best for you by taking the 7-day free trial. I would recommend this even if you are dead set on buying this.

Is BetBot Pro easy to use?

If you’ve used other bots before, you’ll find that BetBot Pro probably has the edge on them. Even if you have problems, the support network is very good indeed.

For a start, the support from the company is quite comprehensive. If you submit a query outside normal office hours, the support team will answer it if they are around.

BetBotPro Review Features

There are also several other places where you can find out information to resolve any BetBotPro problems or technical issues. On the company website you will find a blog where you can access the latest articles.

This is where you need to go to keep up to date with changes. The solution to the majority of problems are answered here, and you could pick up some handy tips as well.

This is doubly true of the BetBot Pro forum. Here you can also discuss strategies, find answers to problems and receive support on almost anything.

This is probably the biggest advantage but there are others:

BetBot Pro Review – Advantages

The next is, of course, that you can program this and just let it run while you get on with your day. A large number of features means that there is very little you can’t tweak to make this more efficient over time.

You can use different selections, and staking palns according to other criteria. This makes it incredibly flexible with bets placed on events in (depending on the event) the UK, US, and Australia.

Perhaps one of the best features of this system is the simulation mode. Before you take any risks you can test your strategies over a period of time so you are confident that it works before trying it out with real money.

Also key is reliability. You don’t want this to crash just before placing a bet or laying out to close a trade. The system is one of those that almost never crashes or lets its users down. The developers take great pride in the features and functionality of the system. This allows users to operate the system with confidence.

BetBot Pro Review – Disadvantages

The main disadvantage here is that an inexperienced user might bite off more than they can chew. Then watch their Betfair balance disappear ‘on autopilot’.

As good as the tutorials are, there is still a lot going on here. Anyone new to bots might find the amount of training needed off-putting and go back to trading manually.

These disadvantages, however, are true of all automated bot software and not BetBot Pro in particular.

BetBot Pro Review – Conclusion and Overall Rating

If you have several successful strategies and you are looking for a way to trade more often, this is for you. You’ll find it at least as easy to set-up as other software, and the training and support is comprehensive. The one off price is excellent if you’re set on trading for a while and you a BetBot Pro will make a good team.

On the other hand, if you have no strategies or just some you read in a book, think twice. This will automate and increase what you are doing, so if you’re doing it wrong – this will end badly. Go away and trade your strategies manually until you are sure they work. Ensure you know every step of every strategy so you can set-up the bot to do exactly the same.

If you are not willing to do this, steer clear.

You can visit the BetBot Pro website here

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