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Bet Angel Review – Everybody in Sports Trading has heard of it – But is It any good ?

Bet Angel Review

In this Bet Angel Review, I’ll be taking a look at one of the most influential pieces of software on the market. Bet Angel has long been the ‘industry standard’ and the benchmark for all other software of this type.

It has been imitated time and time again, but has it ever been bettered? Let’s take a look and find out…


What is Bet Angel?

How does Bet Angel Work?

How long does Bet Angel take to set up?

How much can you make with Bet Angel?

How much does Bet Angel cost?

Is Bet Angel easy to use?

Bet Angel Versions

Bet Angel Review Advantages

Bet Angel Review Disadvantages

Bet Angel Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is Bet Angel?

Bet Angel is Betfair API software that aims to give users the ‘edge’ in their betting and trading markets. It was founded by Peter Webb, who was one of the original traders in the Betfair market.

Peter Webb is rightly revered in the Betfair trading world is seen as something of a ‘Wizard’. (definitely of the Dumbledore or Gandalf variety, not the ‘other’ type).

Bet Angel Review

He developed Bet Angel to keep in line with a competitive and ever-changing betting market. He was determined to deliver the most advanced and state-of-the-art tools available.

From its beginning, Bet Angel was influenced by its markets. The development of its features changed the way people looked at betting, as they were finally able to access a way to keep up with the competition.

Bet Angel has been featured in several press releases and national UK magazines as a top-rated program with seemingly limitless opportunities.

How does Bet Angel Work?

Bet Angel works on a variety of different levels to give you the widest range of tools available. I know everyone out there has their own strategies and methods, but it doesn’t matter. You are likely to find features on Bet Angel to work for you. Some of the most eye-catching are:

Multi-Market Trading

Product Comparisons

Specialist Tools

Betfair Streaming Technology

Essential Trader Toolkits

Manual or Automated Trading Options

The range of specialist tools available here makes it easy to customise the program to suit your individual betting needs.

There are tools for all of the ‘major’ sports like racing, football and tennis. The potential here is incredible. So, unfortunately, is the potential for confusion. I remember when I first say Bet Angel years ago, I thought it was a bit overwhelming.

Even though it was being demonstrated by somebody who really knew their stuff, I really didn’t have an idea what was going on. I’m sure aa lot of new users now will feel the same and be put

How long does Bet Angel take to set up?

If you are a Windows user, yes. Otherwise, prepare to be disappointed. It is currently only available for Windows, and no operating system below Windows 7 will work. If you have 7, 8, 8.1, or 10, you’re in luck – otherwise, you won’t be able to use this program.

The little Windows logo is the only symbol that appears on the Download page, so if you are  Mac or Linux user, you are out of luck.

The good news is that you can download it on to as many computers as you would like, with no license limits

The option to download is very obvious, but I would advise downloading via the products menu. This is because there are several versions of Bet angel and you want to ensure you get the right one. I’ll cover the versions and packages that are available in a bit.

You can also use some of the Bet Angel tools on the Bet Angel app. I’ve always seen Bet Angel as a desktop/laptop piece of software myself, but being able to use the app to keep an eye on things while you are out and about doesn’t seem like the worst idea in the world.

How much can you make with Bet Angel?

The easy answer here is ‘more than you would make if you didn’t use it’. If used properly this can increase the speed frequency and accuracy of your trading.

As this is a set of tools, it won’t create money on its own, but it will aid whatever strategies you already use. That said, if your strategies are already losing ones, this won’t turn them into winners.

How much does Bet Angel cost?

As I’ve already mentioned, there is more than one version available

The basic version is free to use, so definitely start there before you part with any cash. If you want to start paying, the prices are as follows:

Bet Angel Review - Bet Angel Prices

The prices are in line with its competitors, but for the sums of money you can add to your profits by using programs like this, a £5-£10 per month difference is irrelevant. It is better to find a product you like rather than be led by price.

Is Bet Angel easy to use?

I’ve already mentioned how there can seem to be too much going on and I think Bet Angel is aware this can be a problem.

To give them credit, the tutorials are excellent and are actually part of the program itself. While Bet Angel was clearly developed with professional traders in mind, this allows beginners to get a foot in the door.

However, to cover the ease of use properly, we also need to look at the different versions available.

There are three different versions, Basic, Trader and Professional.(though I would advise anyone brand new to all of this to look no further than the Basic version)

Bet Angel Basic

As I’ve mentioned above, if you are a beginner then Bet Angel Basic is your first and only place to go. The program comes with all of the essentials that you will need. This includes organising your bets and staying up-to-date with unmatched bets across different markets.

Handy little tools you’ll find useful include:

  • One-Click Betting
  • Faster Refreshing Times
  • Profit Equalising
  • One-Click Auto-Refresh
  • Momentum Indicators

If you are not doing anything too complex, this package should be enough for you. You won’t be paying for anything you don’t need and you won’t be confused by things you haven’t got round to learning yet.

Bet Angel Trader

Bet Angel Trader includes many of the same features as the Basic edition, but with more accessible tool kits and functions. There is a lot more going on here but, if you’re upgrading from Basic it’s not too big a leap.

Bet Angel Review - Bet Angel Trader

Bet Angel Trader includes all of the features of Basic, with some additions:

  • Ladder Interfacing
  • A Cash-Out Option to Lock in Your Profit
  • Charting and Technical Indicators
  • Dutching Tools
  • Laying Tools
  • User Interface Customisation and Two-Monitor Compatibility
  • Access to Tutorial Videos

You can back or lay several runners across one or multiple markets, and the Trader edition gives you a quick way to set things up and keep them organised.

Bet Angel Professional

This comes with some very impressive tools and features that are not available with the Basic or Trader versions. This version really is for the big boys. I’ll cover this one briefly because if you are finding out about Bet Angel Pro for the first time in this review, you aren’t experienced enough to need it.

Features particuler to the Pro version:

  • Guardian Multi-Market Trading Tool for Betfair
  • Multi-Market Watch List
  • Excel Spreadsheet Integration
  • Specialty Tools for Markets – Soccer Mystic, In-Play Trader, Tennis Trader, and More
  • Overviews of Entire Markets
  • Full Betting Automation Capabilities

Professional traders will already know what they are doing, so they won’t be freaked out by what’s going on here. However, there is a steep learning curve between even the Trader version and this, so make sure you know your stuff before going ‘Pro’

Bet Angel Review Advantages

Bet Angel’s biggest advantage is that it is the industry standard. For that reason, there are forums, blogs and YouTube channels full of support and training outside of the Bet Angel website itself.

The man behind this knows his stuff more than anyone else and has put together the most comprehensive set of tools for trading you are likely to find.

This is easy to get started with, has a free trial and is reasonably priced.

Bet Angel Review Disadvantages

The disadvantages are few but significant. If you are not a Windows user, this could be a non-starter. Though I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before mac users can get in on this as well.

Most importantly, there can be a lot going on here which could cause confusion. If you’re going into this as an absolute beginner, some patience is needed to ‘relearn’ some things in Bet Angel.

 It can be frustrating that the first thing you do when you buy a tool to increase your trading, is to trade less so you can learn how to use the tool.

Bet Angel Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

Bet Angel is the industry leader for a reason. It just does everything better than its competitors. The only drawback is that sometimes it just tries a bit too hard and over-delivers. This can cause confusion and put some people off.

Bet Angel Review - Bet Angel Basic

You might be one of them, but if you want software like this … try Bet Angel first. Get the free version or a free trial of the more substantial versions, but give Bet Angel a try before you decide to look elsewhere.

You can find out more here

2 Replies to “Bet Angel Review – Everybody in Sports Trading has heard of it – But is It any good ?

  1. Could I use BetAngel to just place normal bets? I just want to back horses and not worry about all this lay bet stuff!

    1. Hi George, could you just place normal bets with Bet Angel? Yes but if you mean just manually placing bets you might as well do that right on the Betfair website itself. All the power of Bet Angel comes from getting into trading techniques like lay betting and scalping etc. If you just wanted to get used to the software by simply placing bets when you first downloaded Bet Angel then maybe that would be a good idea before getting into some of the more advanced money making techniques it makes possible.

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