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Back Lucrative Review – will you get the value?

In this Back Lucrative review, I’ll be looking at this long-running tipping service that has been active since 2013. This service is so popular it has to close to new members frequently. I’ll be finding out if you should join next time the doors open?


What is Back Lucrative?

How does Back Lucrative Work?

How long does Back Lucrative take to set up?

How long does it take to use Back Lucrative?

How much can you make with Back Lucrative?

How much does Back Lucrative cost?

Back Lucrative Review Advantages

Back Lucrative Review Disadvantages

Back Lucrative Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is Back Lucrative?

Value. It ‘s a word that gets bandied about quite a lot in tipping circles and I’ve come to dread seeing it on a service’s website. I’m not the only one. A lot of people reading this will think the word ‘value’ means ‘odds I’m not going to get’ and rightly so. I lot of ‘value’ odds don’t stay that way for long, especially after a sudden wave of people backing it.

Back Lucrative Review

So the trick is not so much to find ‘value’, but ‘value’ that actually stays around for long enough for others to benefit from it. That’s where opportunism is replaced by skill and it’s something you don’t see very often.

This service seems to have ticked that very important box but has also had criticism that it’s also quite a lot of work getting there. I’m going to be finding out if this is going to be worth your while, or if you time and money is better spent elsewhere.

How does Back Lucrative Work?

For a start, I get the bit about it being a lot of work. You’ll be getting as many as 10 or 11 tips each day. They are pretty straightforward win bets at odds anywhere between 2 and 30 staking just a single point each time.

You’ve got a lot of points in the mix every day at odds that point to quite a low win rate. First impressions are that perhaps the tipster might be better off looking for a few more winners and a bit less value, or that backing some of these each way might add a bit to the bottom line.

How long does Back Lucrative take to set up?

Before I can find the answer to that, I need to take a look at the sign-up process. The website looks very slick (even if it does suffer from being full of the usual rags-to-riches, secret formula type content) and the sign-up process is equally slick and painless.

After you’ve paid your cash you can then log in every day to see the days tips. You might also need to dust off a few bookies accounts you haven’t used for a while, so you can keep the process of looking for prices as hassle free as possible. You don’t want to miss out on a decent price just because tyou were waiting for a password reset email to arrive.

How long does it take to use Back Lucrative?

Again, this is where the criticism of the amount of effort involved is highlighted. For a start, the tips aren’t emailed to you. You have to log in and view them each day. You’ve got as many as 10 tips, all at value prices you may need to go searching for.

This is really the sort of thing you need to be sat at your computer to do. Normally, I’d advise getting it all set up on your phone for convenience but this is not the case here. For me doing this on your phone would only lead to frustration.

To be fair though, getting the prices, or at least quite close to them wasn’t that difficult. If you’ve got several bookies accounts funded already this isn’t as much of a pain as it could be. If however, you have to open or fund accounts to get a price, this is going to take you much longer than you’d like.

You could easily do this on the exchanges, but not as profitably. Yes, you might get somewhere near the prices advised but you’ll get none of the BOG (best odds guaranteed) profits you’d get from a bookie.

How much can you make with Back Lucrative?

Back Lucrative Review Results

And with a 14% win rate, you’ll need to make the absolute most out of every winner. The profits are pretty good if you can get the advised prices, averaging around £220/month at the usual £10/pt. There are also figures published at £50/pt, for those who like to see bigger numbers, but I’m using those as it makes the starting bank a bit beyond most of us.

Also whenever I see the word ‘value’ used a lot in a services blurb, I always mentally knock about a third off the quoted profits as a fairer indicator of what’s actually possible. Given my experience, I wouldn’t necessarily do this here, unless I was using Betfair.

How much does Back Lucrative cost?

Back Lucrative Review Prices

I usually see fees that are between 10-15% of your average monthly profits as offering good value. The £37 a month here just about falls into that bracket, especially if you take the annual option of £297. There is also a £1 trial for both options which takes the price down a bit further.

The advised starting bank is 200pts, which means £2000 for most of us or £10000 if you have deeper pockets and use £50/pt stakes. In fairness, the bank size does seem a bit larger than it needs to be, but with a 14% win rate, I can understand why the tipster feels the need to err on the side of caution.

Back Lucrative Review Advantages

This is more than just a tipping service, though that’s what you’ll be subscribing for. The advice on staking and build a bbbank through compounding would be excellent for a beginner but I can’t see too many picking this as their first tipping service.

There’s also a training on finding value yourself but the whole idea of following a tipster is for them to do the work for you. This training does show the tipster’s kill though, and you can see why this service is so heavily subscribed to.

Back Lucrative Review Disadvantages

The workload is pretty heavy too, at least for a tipping service. If the appeal of a tipping service for you is that it’s quick and easy – this is neither of those things. Also, this is something you’d prefer to do from your laptop instead of while you’re out and about.

Finally, you have to log into the site to get your tips, and not emailed to you. It’s 2020 for god’s sake…

Back Lucrative Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

So this is not convenient, but it is profitable. If you’re retired or have a job where you are near your laptop for a lot of the day, and can spare 30 minutes to get this lot on, you will do well over time.

On the other hand, If you’re looking for something that is a couple of minutes on your phone after you’ve dropped the kids off at school, you need to look elsewhere.

You can find out more here

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