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Alan Wood Racing Review – Same again, please?

In this Alan Wood Racing review, I’ll be finding out if you should add to your portfolio of tipsters. Alan has been on the Tipster Street platform since December 2017 and has had some ups and downs. I’ll be seeing if this is consistent enough to be worth the effort.


What is Alan Wood Racing?

How does Alan Wood Racing Work?

How long does Alan Wood Racing take to set up?

How long does it take to use Alan Wood Racing?

How much can you make with Alan Wood Racing?

How much does Alan Wood Racing cost?

Alan Wood Racing Review Advantages

Alan Wood Racing Review Disadvantages

Alan Wood Racing Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is Alan Wood Racing?

Alan Wood Racing looks, at first glave to be your usual bog-standard tipping service. There’s no gimmick here (not always a bad thing) just aa tipster picking what he thinks will win at a decent price.

Alan Wood Racing Review

I certainly can’t fault any tipster for looking for value and Alan does that as well as any other tipster. The thing for me going into this is not whether or not this tipster is any good, but is it any better than any one of a dozen other services that look almost the same.

How does Alan Wood Racing Work?

It starts off as you would expect. You’ll be getting 1 or 2 tips each day, a mixture of win and each way bets. You’ll be staking a total of 2 or 4 points on each of these so you’re not piling too much of your bank on each day.

The odds are based on value but are all over that place. So, while some of the odds are less than two, others are in the 30s, 40s, or even 101. This gives you an average of just over 11, and in a minute I’ll see if there is a strike rate to match.

These tips will arrive in your inbox between 9 am and 11 am when things are a bit calmer than the evening before. The evening before is when most ‘value’ tips arrive, and you have to be lightning fast to get the advised prices. Even though that’s not the case here, you won’t want to leave it too long before getting these on.

How long does Alan Wood Racing take to set up?

Getting started is pretty standard too, you just need to go to the Tipster Street website and get yourself signed up then it’s literally a couple of clicks and a Paypal form so you can part with your cash. The tips will then be sent to the email address of your PayPal account. Now it’s just a case of waiting for the tips to arrive.

There are no interesting or different bets here, or any other websites to join. You should be able to do all of this using your existing bookie’s accounts, or even use Betfair if you fancied it. If you do want to do this on the exchanges to get a better price, remember there’s a commission fee.

Also, don’t forget you won’t get any of the Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) benefits you might get from a bookmaker. (though for this tipster it doesn’t appear to have affected results very much)

How long does it take to use Alan Wood Racing?

With one or two bets a day, this isn’t going to take all morning. The only way this will take you more than a minute or two is if there’s a rapidly falling out and you have to go looking for the price elsewhere.

Although it will take you a couple of minutes extra, it is worth the effort. Getting things at 15/1 instead of 12/1 makes a big difference when it comes to looking at your profits at the end of the month.

As these arrive when most of us are doing something else, you might find it easier (as I did) to have all of this set-up on your phone. This way you can get these bets on (and the advised odds) if you’re not sat in front of your computer between 9 am and 11 am.

How much can you make with Alan Wood Racing?

Alan Wood Racing Review Results

All services have their ups and downs and this one is no different. But, where some services have one month up, one month down, this one is more of an extended curve. There are four or five profitable months, followed by four or five losing months.

This is where the low strike rate comes into focus. With odds like these, you’re not going to get many straight winners and the each way wins won’t always cover the losses. That’s why you’re only looking at an average profit of £90 each month at £10/pt.

With this much variation and the low average profits, you don’t want to be losing too much of that to fees.

How much does Alan Wood Racing cost?

There’s always a lower-priced offer so you can tip your toe in the water. Then, it’s £19.95 each month or £39.95 for a quarter. These are very low monthly fees, but with returns like we’re seeing from this service, it still seems like too much.

The recommendation of a 500pt bank is just daft. There just doesn’t seem the scope to make those kinds of losses with this service. This shows a lack of confidence on the part of the tipster and means tying up £5000 for very low profits.

Alan Wood Racing Review Prices

Alan Wood Racing Review Advantages

This is reassuringly familiar. If you’ve followed a tipping service before, there will be no surprises here. A couple of easy to place bets, with a mixture of win and each way to keep things interesting.

With some pretty extravagant odds, there is the option to get some very big winners here. The each way bets can keep the profits ticking over nicely on what is a very cheaply priced service.

Alan Wood Racing Review Disadvantages

The problem here though is that there are just not enough winners. The each way bets do come in quite often, but not enough to make this worthwhile. The profits have increased over the last year, but even based on that time period, it’s still not enough.

Alan Wood Racing  Conclusion and Overall Rating

When I started looking at this, I thought I’d find a bog-standard service with some bog-standard results. What I found was a slow rollercoaster of a service that is a lot clever than it looks with some interesting bets.

Unfortunately, what I didn’t find was acceptable profits and for that reason, I can’t recommend this. You won’t want to tie up £5000 just for profits like this. There are simply better services than this, one of them on the same website. So I can only suggest that you look elsewhere.

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