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The Affluence System Review – New from Mike Cruickshank

The Affluence System Review

This Affluence System Review is concerned with an add-on for the Accumulator Generator system occasionally promoted by Mike Cruickshank.

The product offers a repackaged version of the Accumulator Generator system with additional materials on money management.

It appears that Mike has stopped promoting the Affluence System in this manner as he has moved on to other products. These include Each Way Sniper and EV Maximiser.

This Affluence System Review Mike Cruickshank

Using the planning strategy in this version, the plan is to turn £500 into £5000 and then use that bank to make around £800 every month.

This is a much greater amount than you would make from starting fresh from £500 each month. The price is unchanged at £99+VAT with a £1 trial for 14 days.

There are also tips in The Affluence System on making profits faster using a technique called ‘Advantage Play’. This technique can also be found as a standalone system in a different Cruickshank product called ‘Advantage Play Secrets’. Here, it is packaged with 3 other smaller systems.

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Stop Press – Mike has recently released a product which includes much of his back catalogue in an ‘all in one’ package called ‘Betting Mastermind‘. The Affluence System is not included in this and seems to have been replaced by something called the ‘Project Prosperity Training System’.

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