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AdvantEdge Charlie Burton – Is The BBC featured Trader worth your investment ?

Trading the currency markets ‘ Forex’ has had a huge surge in popularity in the last 5 years as a superb way to make money online.  The lure of tax-free profits and day trading has made this a big hit with many people looking for a second income.

With so many people offering ways of learning to trade these markets and so many brokers how do you choose? The answer is actually simple.  You are looking for a combination of a decent broker with low costs to do trades, an expert in their field to teach you how to trade, and the opportunity to use ‘algorithmic’ trading ( automated bot trading) just like the big banks do.

AdvantEDGE is the latest offering from Tim Low at Waverley Media. It’s a project headed up by the very well known CHARLIE BURTON.  A quick google search will show you just how famous he is. Having featured in programmes on the BBC about trading called Millions by the Minute

This project delivers a superb level of daily support and live webinars, some clever automated software ( we will get back to that later ) and a superb broker with low trading costs.

So lets delve into a breakdown the offering into the key elements

Charlies skills here are the main thrust of the course. BY subscribing to AdvantEDGE you get to bypass years of learning how to trade and tap into his knowledge gleaned from working for large institutions and trading from home for a number of years. In 2015 Charlie won a public trading competitions converting $10,000 to $89,000 dollars in a year, and this was while trading his own accounts at the same time.

Charlie spends a few hours a day trading just Mondays to Fridays and enjoys his active lifestyle around that.  This gives him time to hold online ‘traders lounges’ via web casting with his members so they get to peer over his shoulder as he trades, and more importantly asked questions. He also holds many recorded and archived trading tips and lessons, starting with the basics and building up to more advanced techniques. All in bite sized chunks so you can learn at a pace that suits you.

An added bonus with this course is the additional of world famous life coach and psychology guru Ali Campbell. Again Campbell’s online reputation speaks for itself. No matter how good a system is the psychology of trading plays a pivotal part to your success so Ali is also available on a regular weekly webinar that is also recorded and archived for you so you can watch it anytime.

Once you start learning to trade ‘manually ‘ Charlie also introduces you to the second main facet of this package. The AdvantEDGE software is a custom trading indicator that bolts on over the top of your trading account and automatically alerts you to trades as they set up. It can even email you when a trade is setting up which is a feature we loved here in the office when we tried it. It means you don’t have to spend hours glued to 6 screens waiting for a trade to happen and then wondering if you are doing it right.

As time goes on you can turn the AdvantEDGE indicator ‘fully auto’ which means when it sees a qualifying trade as well as emailing you it will also put a trade on for you.  It will automatically put a stop loss and take profit point, and best of all never risk more than 1% of your overall trading account meaning you get slow steady profits month after month without lifting a finger!

As the course continues you will also get another incredible offering …..TRADE COPYING. What this means is that it is eventually possible to have your account ‘mirror’ the trades Charlie makes on his account on your own account. The software used even scales the trade up or down depending on the relative size of your account compared to Charlies. So for example if you have a £1000 trading account and Charlie has a £100,000 account you’ll find his trades will be exactly 100 times bigger than the winning trades on your account copied from his. This goes back to the careful safe ethos of only ever risking about 1% of your trading bank when trading.

There is also a large technical support area. There are instructions and videos on how to set up the trading software ( it auto installs at the click of one button !)  and there is also a support ticket area so that you can ask Charlie any questions about trading or if you are having trouble with your software.

Now lets talk about brokers and another element in the AdvantEDGE subscription that makes the whole package so successful.

A discussion about brokers starts with an understanding of what makes a terrible broker! …but bear with us as it will all become clear why …

There are a large number of forex brokers out there that will allow you to trade forex. All of them will claim to be low on charges ( tight spreads) and fast connections etc etc , but it’s what they aren’t telling you that’s vitally important.

Many of the unscrupulous brokers out there will claim to be allowing you to trade the forex market, but in reality, they aren’t even putting your ‘trade’ into the forex market. Instead, they are simply betting against you on the assumption that 90% of their customers are terrible at trading. Because the brokers are betting against you, it is in their best interest that you lose as much as possible as often as possible. They will do everything in their power to ‘fudge’ the prices in their favour. It’s a bit like going to a supermarket and finding they put the prices of food up slightly when you walk in, steal items from your bags after you’ve paid and then call security and claim you’ve shoplifted some items when you try and leave. If you want an example of this google the term MT4 Virtual Dealer Plugin and you’ll be utterly shocked…..

But DON’T WORRY! there is good news … Charlie is more than aware of these ‘bucket shop’ dishonest brokers and he knew that a successful trader like himself would need a decent honest broker as part of the AdvantEDGE package.  He has negotiated an exclusive deal for AdvantEDGE customers which means you get a broker that guarantees they do not use the dealer plugin software and guarantees they put your trade in the actual market. This means it is actually in their best interest that you WIN your trade because the bigger your account gets the more commission they earn as your profits SOAR. It’s a Win win.


The AdvantEDGE system offers the perfect combination of a superb well known EXPERT with a PROVEN track record easily checked online teaching a course with excellent levels of support , custom indicators and automatic trading bots and paired with one of the bets brokers in the market meaning the cards are firmly stacked in your favour to become as successful as Charlie.

This product would suit anyone looking to add an extra income by working from home or even fit it around your current full-time job.

This product gets our highest recommendation, we were impressed from the start and although we review lots of products here it truly shows how good something is when we continue to use it AFTER the testing period.

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