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Accumulator Generator from Mike Cruikshank review

Accumulator Generator Review

In this Accumulator Generator Review, I’ll be taking a look at this system from Mike Cruickshank. This is aimed at those who might have dabbled in matched betting, then looked into the idea of arbitrage wondered how it all worked…

Accumulator Generator caught my eye because it promises a guaranteed return on your investment of 20 percent or more. With other very successful systems turning heads with returns of 12-14%, is 20% actually possible?

I’ll be checking to see just how true this claim is, and if this is something that’s worth your time and financial investment or not.


What is Accumulator Generator?

A quick word about Mike Cruickshank

Exactly how does Accumulator Generator Work?

Does Accumulator Generator take long to set up?

How long does it take to use Accumulator Generator?

Exactly how much can you make with Accumulator Generator?

How much does Accumulator Generator cost?

Accumulator Generator Review Advantages

Accumulator Generator Review Disadvantages

Accumulator Generator Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is Accumulator Generator?

In a nutshell, Accumulator Generator software is a number-crunching, bet finding service. This service helps you to identify accumulator football bets.

It’s an ‘arbing’ system, which means you are backing and laying the same bet to ensure you are always in profit. An ‘accumulator bet’ also known as ‘acca’, is when you bet on several outcomes all at once. Such as, the outcomes of several football matches played over a weekend.

A quick word about Mike Cruickshank

Before we go any further, I should tell you a bit more about the systems creator, Mike Cruickshank.

Accumulator Generator Review Mike Cruickshank

Mike describes himself as ‘not a gambler, but a profit maker’. He is a well-respected name in the world of online sports betting. He started out as most of us do, by using matched betting to exploit bookmakers bonuses. He then started working on his own research and systems to produce new products for the marketplace.

Mike is the brains behind a portfolio of systems, including Profit Maximiser, Bonus Bagging and Bookie Blowout. These are all ‘arbing’ products of one type or another, and this one isn’t any different…

How does Accumulator Generator Work?

If you’re familiar with using free bets and bonuses, then the logic behind this product will be sound. How Accumulator Generator works is by taking advantage of offers on accumulator bets. These are provided by many bookmakers in various shapes and forms.

As an example, You place a £10 bet on an accumulator which has five stages. If one leg loses the bookie may offer to refund your £10. You place the accumulator bets with the right bookies and then laying them off at Betfair. In principle, you won’t lose any money, and will potentially grab a free bet in the process.

Here’s what the main ‘acca’ matcher software looks like when you first log in:

Accumulator Generator Review Software

The figures in red to the left of the columns are the estimated values of each acca.

There’s other information including, from left to right, profit, the time until the acca is completed, the bookie, back odds, lay odds and then the tools.

If you chose to place the accumulator, click on the purple icon to calculate your back and lay values. You can place the bets right from the software. Here’s what the calculator looks like when you open it up:

Accumulator Generator calculator

So, in order to make an accumulator bet, the calculator will work out at each leg of the bet. How much you need to bet and lay on the next match and how much you are likely to win depending on the overall outcome.

OK, I’ll forgive you if you’re starting to go a bit cross-eyed at this point. There is quite a lot going on here, so you’re probably wondering if a ‘newbie’ could even attempt this?

How long does Accumulator Generator take to set up?

Yes, there’s a lot going on here (we are talking about multiple bets over several days after all). What you need to remember here, is that Mike Cruickshank has been doing this for a while now.

He has created several products like this one, and he knows how to get his users set up. Once you’re in, yes, you can access the software immediately, but you’d be a fool if you dived straight in. There are over 3 hours of video tutorials here.

These go from the most basic stuff to the actual nitty-gritty of the system. The fact that there are 3 hours of training tells you this is not a quick starter. But, it is well put together by somebody who knows his stuff.

One minor criticism would be that Mike is so experienced, he does use quite a bit of jargon, even in the early videos. It shouldn’t be a problem for most but might baffle the complete newbie.

How long does it take to use Accumulator Generator?

Well, this is a difficult question. There are five strategies you can use, each requiring a different amount of time and effort:

Bet, lay and hope.

This is where you place your acca with the bookies and lay it off at the exchange. The ‘hope’ part comes in because you are hoping one leg will lose so you get your refund.

Usually to the value of your bet to a maximum of £50. If this doesn’t go to plan, you will probably make a small loss. It is the least time intensive of the strategies but does come with a real risk of making a loss.

For that reason, it’s not really recommended. It’s probably useful for a bit of practice at the start, but other than that, don’t bother.

Lay everything at once.

Normally with matched accumulator bets, you need to lay each leg of the bets one at a time as you move through the events. So, you will have time to check the results and make your next lay, or not.

However, one of the Accumulator Generator tools lets you lay all at once. This can reduce the likelihood of forgetting to place a lay or otherwise messing up your bets. In the acca matcher, you’ll find a handy button labelled ‘lay all’.

Accumulator Generator lay all header

This will filter the available trades to reveal those which are more susceptible to this approach. Often, just one or two trades on any given day, sometimes none at all. The estimated value of these trades is likely to be much lower than you’re used to seeing.

The risk is likely to be higher too. Chances are you’ll want to steer clear of this strategy. It’s worth taking a look from time to time. But, we’re yet to find anything that tempted us to try this accelerated form of betting.

So far, for a ‘no-risk’ system there seems to be a fair amount of risk. Happily, that’s not true of the next strategy.

Bonus included.

This is a no-risk method that rewards patience. So, it’s a good strategy to move on to once you’ve done a few trial runs with back, lay and hope.

There is no hit and hope method here, instead, you’re guaranteed a profit no matter what the outcome. Your accumulator will have between four and six selections in it. All will have staggered start times, which need to have their lay stake placed after the previous event.

As each match ends, you’ll lay the next one, until you hit two losses from your selection or the events finish with all selections winning. With this one, you’ll make more money the further along the bet you travel. Even if the acca loses on the first match, you’ll still be in profit, just not as much as if it loses on leg five or six.

As you’ve already guessed, this is a lot more labour intensive and you stand the risk of forgetting to place a lay bet.

Locked in profit.

This is even less risky than method 3, and there is almost no chance of losing your money here. However, if I’m honest, it’s a bit dull. If you love steady profits with very little variation or excitement, this is a good choice for you. Simply check the ‘lock-in refund’ box on the acca matcher.

It will show you the estimated value based on a £50 stake with no risk at all. You still need to lay off each leg until you hit two losses. But, you’ll make a profit of typically around £5 – £10 no matter what the overall outcome of the event.

This is a good, guaranteed way to boost your income, but it can get a bit repetitive.

Advantage play

This method is very different from any of the others we’ve discussed here. Advantage Play is a pure betting method and not arbitrage like the rest of the strategies. It works on taking into account that any profit from laying off is eaten into by the commission at the exchanges.

So, in theory, the estimated value should be higher if we do not lay off the bet. Overall, we wouldn’t recommend this strategy to anyone who isn’t ready for a losing streak or two. This is straight betting and not matched betting. This means lady luck is a strong influencing factor here.

How much can you make with Accumulator Generator?

As with many of these types of software, what you get out depends on what you’re willing to put in. Each of the different betting strategies has different potential profit outcomes. Each acca should be worth at least £10 to you.

Accumulator Generator Bet finder

So, if you place one ‘acca’ a day, you should be up by at least £300 at the end of each month. Clearly, the more you do, the more you could earn.

Bear in mind though, that you’ll need enough money in your exchange accounts to lay the bets too. So work out carefully how much money you’ll have tied up to cover all of your activity.

How much does Accumulator Generator cost?

Accumulator Generator costs £99 plus VAT, which works out to just under £16 per month. This is slightly more than Profit Maximiser and Bonus Bagging. These are both Mike Cruickshank products which are currently priced at £97 + VAT.

Compared to other products, this is not a bad price. Both OddsMonkey and Profit Squirrel cost around £150 per year. Another competitor, Profit Accumulator is about the same price.

Like the other Mike Cruickshank products, this offers a 14-day risk-free trial for just £1. If you don’t like it or it’s not working for you, the company will cancel your order.

As this is sold through Clickbank, you shouldn’t get any problems cancelling.

Accumulator Generator Review Advantages

In theory, the logic and calculations behind Accumulator Generator are sound. The training is excellent and the software really does a lot of the hard work for you. It’s neatly wound up and organised.

So, if you’re a well organised person yourself, you’ll be able to start making money with this software. However, as good as this is on paper, in practice there are a great many pitfalls…

Accumulator Generator Review Disadvantages

To do this you need to be painfully organised. You need to remember to place all of the lay bets sequentially (well the first two at least). This means having to keep this at the back of your mind, all of the time.

All for what are quite small returns.

If you’re making £10-£15 a time for all of this hassle, you might not consider it worth it. Especially when you take into account the potential loss of a missed lay bet.

You are also tying up quite a bit of cash at bookies and betting exchanges. So, you need to be at peace with the fact you are tying up as much as £1000-£2000 if you have several accas going at the same time.

Accumulator Generator Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

This is a Mike Cruickshank product, so you can expect something that makes a profit at a reasonable price. You can expect the training to be very good and any software or support to be as good as it can be. You can also expect, as with all Mike Cruickshank products, that you will be putting in more of your time that you will convenient.

Having to remember when to put on the next lay bet can be a pain if you have a full-time job or a young family (or both). If you are sat at a laptop all day anyway, this could be a handy addition to your betting or arbing regime. If you are doing this on its own, you will probably find it is not worth your while.

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