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A Minus B System Review – Perfect for the right person?

A Minus B System Review

In this review, I will establish if the A Minus B system is worth your time and effort.

Making money in the various stock markets is not easy. There are plenty of systems that will offer you advice on how to trade and identify various anomalies and loopholes.

It is easy to get confused. There is just too much information at your fingertips. There are a  huge amount of programmes and systems available. This can sometimes make it difficult to spot the few really good ones.


What is The A Minus B system?

Who is John Piper?

How does The A Minus B system Work?

How long does The A Minus B system take to set up?

How long does it take to use The A Minus B system?

How much can you make with The A Minus B system System?

How much does The A Minus B system cost?

Is The A Minus B system easy to use?

The A Minus B system Advantages

The A Minus B system Disadvantages

The A Minus B system Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is The A Minus B system?

The A Minus B system is a stock market trading system created by John Piper under his alias of David Houghton. It is published by Agora Lifestyles.

The system has been around for a while and has been known by some other names. It is marketed as being a very simple system, which really sets it apart from the majority of other stock market trading systems.

Who is John Piper?

A minus B John Piper

Any internet search for John Piper will tell you he is an experienced independent trader. It will also tell you he is an experienced market analyst. His book ‘How to trade’ is an international bestseller, translated into several languages. Given this pedigree, I think we can safely assume that John Piper knows his stuff.

Given that information, you could easily approach the A Minus B system with a fair amount of confidence.

How does The A Minus B system Work?

The A minus B system trades in the German Stock Exchange (DAX). The website tells us this system has a strike rate of 70-80% and is based on a simple principle. This principle is, that by subtracting one 4 digit number from another, you will know if a ‘trade’ is on.

How long does The A Minus B system take to set up?

The A Minus B system arrives with a 92-page manual and 4 DVD’s worth of training material. Most of this is not concerned with the actual system itself.

Much of the training material is aimed at the absolute beginner. It covers how the markets work and how to open an account with a broker. This is particularly handy for anyone going in with no knowledge at all.

If you have a good working knowledge of the markets and an account already, you may not find all of this interesting, Definitely persevere, though, as there are a few gems in there that may open your eyes.

A lot of these trading systems pad themselves out with a lot of information you could easily find out for free with a couple of web searches. While this is partially true of the A Minus B system, it is much better than others.

How long does it take to use The A Minus B system?

A Minus B easy to use

The website will proudly tell you it takes just five minutes to ‘make a bet’. You need to log on to two different websites, jot down a couple of numbers and if the difference between them is more than 10 then you place the bet. If it’s less than 10, there is no money to be made that day.

Occasionally you will have to make an adjustment to your bet, which will take another five minutes.

How much can you make with The A Minus B system System?

As with all trading systems, this will depend on the size of your trading bank. If you’ve got about £10K to play with, you could use this to make between £100 and £400 per day. This will depend, of course, how large the difference between the two numbers are.

You should also note that there will not be a trade every day and that many financial markets are closed at weekends.

How much does The A Minus B system cost?

The A Minus B system costs £375, as a one-off payment. There is also the standard money-back guarantee, so no problems there.

This is about standard for a trading system with just one factor to it. As you can see above, you’ll also need a trading bank. This would need to be at least £1000 to make it worth doing.

That said, with the ‘basics’ covered as part of the programme, this is good value for money for the beginner. This will not make you a fortune to start off with. A £1000 bank could have you making as little as £11, three times a week.


Clearly, this is more than you’d get if you just left your £1000 in the bank, but you shouldn’t go logging on to to the Ferrari website either.

Is The A Minus B system easy to use?

The short answer is yes. It does take literally 5 minutes to do. Working out if there is a ‘bet’ on is the opposite of rocket science. It really is just subtracting one number from another. However, there is always a ‘but’.

You’ll discover that you have to do your ‘math’ by a certain time in the morning. (it would be unfair to the author to give away too much). If you’re doing something else at that time in the morning (in some cases sleeping) you’ll have missed your chance for that day.

A Minus B system Advantages

There are so many advantages to using the A Minus B system. It is reasonably priced and the training is very good indeed. If you are an absolute beginner this will ease you into the trading world very nicely. It will take you through all of the basics, and get you set up.

The actual system itself is so head-slappingly simple and quick to use. There is very little to do and for the right person with a decent trading bank, this is perfect.

A Minus B system Disadvantages

Before you reach for your credit card, hang on a minute.The disadvantages are few but significant.

Firstly you’ll need a half decent trading bank. As I said above, having a £1000 trading bank could mean just £11 two or three times a week. You also need to be able to access those two websites during a certain time window. If you’ve got kids (as well as yourself) to get out of the door in the morning, or an early shift this is going to be aa problem

A smaller problem might be the user themselves. A perennial problem with simple, ‘one-shot’ systems is that people tend to get bored and play. If there doesn’t happen to be ‘bet’ that day, users might be tempted to trade anyway, which can end badly.

The same thing applies ith something that you just place and leave. There might be the temptation to tinker and turn a win into a loss.

The A Minus B system Conclusion and Overall Rating

Don’t get me wrong, though, this is a good system. If you’re starting out, this may be the thing that opens the door to bigger things. It really has aa lot going for it.

I would recommend this system, but please take the following points on board.

If you are retired or semi retired, have £5000-£10000 to use as a trading bank, this is incredible. You could make £100 – £400 per day when there is a ‘bet’ to be made. It will literally take you five minutes and if you can leave it alone after that, happy days.

If you have just £1000 as a bank, of course you can still make money with this. Just nowhere near as much. You would be better advised to reinvest your profits to increase your trading bank, rather than spend your winnings.

This will not solve any immediate cash crisis that might have led you to look for something like this, but it could very well improve your future.

If you are on limited funds and need cash quic=kly, this is not for you. If you have either a larger bank or patience and a long term plan, buying the A Minus B system is a good investment.

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