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567 Method Review – Is £700+ a week possible?

567 Method Review

 In this 567 Method Review, I’ll be taking at this tipping service.

Horse tipping services like the 567 Method can be very unpredictable. As mentioned elsewhere on this site; if you’re expecting every bet to win you’re going to be disappointed and quit very quickly.

If you follow a tipster, you should do so on the premise that you will make an overall profit. That said, there is a point at which you should say ‘enough’ and stop throwing good money after bad.

That’s where a review like this one of the 567 Method comes in really handy…


What is the 567 Method?

How does the 567 Method Work?

How long does the 567 Method take to set up?

How long does it take to use the 567 Method?

How much can you make with the 567 Method?

How much does the 567 Method cost?

Is the 567 Method easy to use?

the 567 Method Review Advantages

the 567 Method Review Disadvantages

the 567 Method Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

What is the 567 Method?

The 567 Method is a racing tipping service from Ben Dawson. It works on the simple rules that you place 5 bets per day, 6 days per week to get yourself £700.

Quite a simple plan, quite a big claim. It’s a claim that’s all you see on the first page of the website, along with a sign-up box. Though there is a link at the bottom to get straight through to see what’s going on.

567 Method Review

How does the 567 Method Work?

Your 5 tips every day will arrive in your inbox at varying times. They are mostly straight ‘back’ bets and are at various odds right up to 12/1. This type of process will be extremely familiar to anyone who has followed a tipster before.

Nothing is hinted at as to the rationale behind Ben’s selection process, and with 5 bets to find each day (except Sundays) regardless of the quality of what might be about, you might be forgiven for being a bit wary of what is on offer.

How long does the 567 Method take to set up?

If you’ve followed a tipster before, this will not be new to you. Even if you haven’t, it’s not difficult.

If you’re completely new you will have to join a bookmaker or two. (joining Betfair is usually a good idea too).

It’s simply a process of signing up and waiting for the emails to arrive with your tips. And come they will, thick and fast at 5 tips every day…

How long does it take to use the 567 Method?

Well, we all know placing a bet doesn’t take long. This is especially true if you have your bookies app on your phone. So, regardless of where you are, you can act on the tips as they arrive.

This is very handy, as they could arrive at any time at all.

Ben’s tips do not arrive in one handy email at the start of the day, but as they occur. This means your phone could go ding at any time and you’d have to drop what you’re doing and place a bet. As the tips don’t necessarily arrive at any set time before a race, you could have very little time to act.

This means if you are doing anything you just can’t drop, like driving, you could well miss a tip. And missing a tip, of course, gives you even less chance of making Ben’s £700 per week…

How much can you make with the 567 Method?

Ben declares that he using £100 stakes using this system (so it would seem he puts his money where his mouth is) and that you should follow his example to make your £700 each week. This means you’d need a quite substantial amount of cash to get going.

Unfortunately, that is not the only number that might raise a few eyebrows.

Ben has claimed his 567 Method has a strike rate of 62%. Now given that it is generally accepted that a strike rate of more than 40% is considered quite messianic … 62% is quite unbelievable.

Luckily Ben clarifies this claim by explaining that 62% refers not to that percentage of bets won but to the number of times the £700 target was achieved. We could find any mention of what the average weekly return is.

How much does the 567 Method cost?

A quick visit to the website will tell you that there is Ben Dawson is currently offering his 567 Method for £29.95 for an 8-week trial. The prices you’ll see crossed out about this in typical marketing style are £30 for a week, £90 for a month (though there is a very confidence damaging typo in the graphics) or £699 for a whole year.

Based on this, £29.95 seems like quite a good introductory offer. The 567 Method is being sold via ClickBank who will handle the payment and process your refund during that first 60 days.

567 Method Review - Cost

We’ve never had problems getting a refund through ClickBank so seeing the ClickBank badge is always a positive sign for us.

That said, if you’re putting £100 (a stake amount only matched by Bob Rothman’s Horse Racing Pro) on each of these selections and you have a few losers in a row and decide throw in the towel … the ability to get your £29.95 back won’t offer a great deal of comfort.

Is the 567 Method easy to use?

The possible inconvenience of tips arriving at the wrong time aside, this is just as simple to use as any other tipping system. Placing a bet is a quick thing to do, especially if you have the app on your phone and know your way around your bookmaker’s website.

The 567 Method Review Advantages

If the earnings claims are to be believed, the biggest advantage is the amount of money you can make. £700 per week is a full time wage for a lot of us and there is the potential here to do that in a few minutes a day.

With possible results like that the 8-week membership for £29.95 seems like the bargain of the century.

The 567 Method Review Disadvantages

But that’s the problem. On paper, this looks like the dictionary definition of ‘too good to be true’. A look at the website will set all kinds of bells ringing. If it wasn’t for the fact it has got through the Clickbank approval process, I might well be shouting ‘scam’.

Once you get over this, you need to look if you have the availability to place 5 tips a day, that could arrive anytime. You would also need to ensure you have enough bank to cover 5x£100 bets each day.

The 567 Method Review Conclusion and Overall Rating

This method makes some very big claims using big stakes so you should be very sure of yourself before diving in with both feet. The reasoning behind the tips would be useful, otherwise you have the feeling that Ben might be stabbing his finger into the newspaper at random.

The pre-sales information didn’t give me a warm feeling at all. But, if you want to give it a try I would suggest giving it a trial run. Don’t start by piling on £100 a time though. Begin with much smaller stakes than are recommended until you are completely confident Ben is your man.

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