5 things you need to look for in the perfect ‘money maker’ …

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 5-things-you-need-to-look-for-in-the-perfect-‘money-maker’There are plenty of ways to make extra money on the internet, don’t let anyone tell you any different. Part of the reason why our site exists is because we think there are too many … and most of them simply aren’t very good.

Not many of them are actual scams – regardless of what you read online. What confuses people is that there are a lot that have very colourful and well worded websites to entice you to buy their product rather than anyone else. They can be vague, or massively over-detailed or on a small number of occasions misleading.

That’s why we’ve drawn up a checklist of things to look for, or ask yourself, so you don’t get lost in the claims made on the sales websites – and so you can make the best decision for you.

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  1. Can you afford the time? We’re all busy, but if you want to make some extra money – it’s going to take a portion of your time to do. You need to look closely to see how long it will take to do … and also how long it will take to set it all up and complete any tutorials. Many things will really, honestly, take you five or ten minutes to do which is exactly what you are after – but you also need to consider whether you are willing to commit to possibly hours of learning what you are supposed to do. If you can’t or won’t do this there is no point in you buying, as you will get nowhere with it.
  2. Can you afford the price? Not as simple as you would have thought, this one. It’s not simply a case of looking at the price, then your bank balance and doing some simple arithmetic. You need to calculate fully any support payments or any other services you may have to subscribe to, to make things work. For gambling or trading products you need to take into account the size of your starting bank, and the return you’ll get from that and how long it will be before you can start taking money out. If these questions aren’t answered on the site – email the people behind it. The genuine ones won’t mind answering your questions.
  1. Read the Guarantee. A lot. Unless something is under a tenner, it really should come with some sort of guarantee. If it doesn’t, walk away or ask why. Again, genuine companies won’t mind answering questions that aren’t answered on the website. Always check out the guarantee fully and make sure you know what they are guaranteeing. Most of the time the guarantee won’t let you try something for a bit and if you don’t fancy it – let you have your money back. If that’s what you want to do – make sure that is what is on offer, and if it’s not don’t buy it.
    Another type of guarantee is an earnings based guarantee, similar to a weight loss guarantee for a diet or ‘3 shades whiter’ for those teeth whitening things. For those it’s usually a condition that you have to stick to the diet or actually use the whitening kit. It’s no different with an earnings guarantee. Again make sure you’re happy with what you have to do to get your money back. If you’re not – look elsewhere.
  1. Read the Reviews – but beware. Simply typing the name of the system into Google and looking at the first half dozen results is not good enough. Look a bit further as you never know which review sites are genuine or have a vested interest in one product or another, and the best way of doing this is to read several reviews and take the consensus. If most of the sites say something is quite good – it probably is – but make sure you read the reviews fully as these are usually based on people using the system, not the sales website with the big promises.A word on ‘scam’ sites. Typing any system into Google will inevitably list someone who thinks it’s a ‘scam’. There could be a couple of reasons for this. (i)It could be a fake website put up by a competitor to try and discourage you. These are usually easy to spot because they will repeatedly mention another product throughout the page as a better alternative. (ii) It could be a ploy by a customer to get a refund by doing the online equivalent of causing a scene.  With these it’s wise to see if they are the only one doing this before you are put off completely. If they are on their own, it may be as a result of a poor buying decision or not doing due diligence in any or all of the points on this page.
  2. The Best System for you is the one you’ll do. I know it sounds obvious but the amount of poor buying decisions that are made because of this one simple point would fill not only this website but a few others as well. Take me for instance – I know Forex can be profitable, you can show me a system or training course that will promise me and deliver some impressive numbers but it’s not for me – I think Forex trading is very boring and I will find literally at least 30 other things to do before I ever used what I’ve paid for. Quite simply there’s no point in me buying it. This is the same thing you need to decide for yourself – are you actually going to do this? Never mind the things you read about ‘going out of your comfort zone’ – if it’s not your thing – you won’t do it. If you’re not sure if you will do it – try and find a simple version of what you are looking at, or see if there’s a free trial. Again though, if you are going to do things this way – re-read point 3 about the guarantee above.

Not quite the checklist you were after? Sorry, but it’s the one you need.  You’ll need to ask yourself these questions so you can take responsibility for the decision you’ll make. It’s easy to be tempted to get started with something now because you need to change you financial situation, but buying something you are not going to use or can’t really afford is going to put that situation under even more pressure.

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