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Betting Systems

BotBeetle Review – Betfair Approved but just the same as the others?

BotBeetle Review In this BotBeetle review, I’ll be looking at this Betfair approved betting software. The biggest question here is, in a marketplace that is already full of similar products (and even has a clear market leader). Is there room for it and can it offer anything new. Contents What is BotBeetle? How does BotBeetle Read More…

Betting Systems

Betting Gods Review – Does this site live up to the name?

Betting Gods Review In this Betting Gods Review, I’ll be looking at this very popular platform for tipsters. I’ll be looking at what’s offer and whether you can really make a good return from just their ‘free’ tips…? Contents What is Betting Gods? How does Betting Gods Work? How long does Betting Gods take to Read More…

Value 4 Money Review
Betting Systems

Racing Profits.info Review – When exactly did betting become ‘sensible’?

Racing Profits.info Review In this Racing Profits.info review I’ll be taking a look at this system from Mark Boyle. It’s not the only product with this name, so I’ll be seeing if this has anything that makes it stand out from the crowd. Contents What is Racing Profits.info? How does Racing Profits.info Work? How long Read More…

Betting Systems

Unity Racing Investments Review – a touch of class?

When I started this Unity Racing Investments Review, I was expecting to see something different. This long-running service has posted some excellent results for a number of years. So, I’ll be finding out if it’s still picking enough winners for you to get involved. Contents What is Unity Racing Investments? How does Unity Racing Investments Read More…


Premier Greyhound Tips Review – Better than the gee-gees?

In this Premier Greyhound Tips Review I’ll be looking at this long-running greyhound tipping service on the Betting Gods platform. Horse racing gets all the attention but are we missing a trick by ignoring the dogs. Contents What is Premier Greyhound Tips? How does Premier Greyhound Tips Work? How long does Premier Greyhound Tips take Read More…

Betting Systems

Neo Investments Review – Will it compound enough to get your interest?

In this Neo Investments review, I’ll be taking a look at this unusual tipping service which has been on the Betfan platform since August 2017. This service focuses on compounding profits, but will the numbers be big enough to get your attention?. Contents What is Neo Investments? How does Neo Investments Work? How long does Read More…