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Football Index Review- Football Stockmarket

Love football? Love the idea of the stock market but not felt comfortable trying it? This football index review is looking at a form of betting that combines a knowledge of football with a stock market style of gambling. We will review how it works, the options available and the football index review will give Read More…


FormGenie Review – Can You Use This To Actually PREDICT Winners ?

FormGenie is one software that claims to help you do such, so, I’ve taken a look at it and here’s what to know before taking the plunge. FormGenie is a software that basically gives you computer-generated handicap and speed ratings. If you’re thinking about using this software, you’ll have to pay as it does not come free like what you get from the RacingPost and TimeForm.


SpreadJacker Review – How Does The Riskiest Form of Financial Trading Work in Football ?

Spreadjacker Review This Spreadjacker Review is going to be quite unusual. Why? Well, we’ve all heard of spread betting. It’s usually related to financial marketplaces and is one of the riskiest forms out there. What this service promises, is to keep all the good parts of spread betting. Good parts like the potential for big Read More…